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Ron Elliott Richardson Jr. is a Video Editor, Social Media Producer and Voiceover Artist with 11+ years experience in the media industry.  He is a Queens, NY native and Poconos raised creative spirit who studied Advanced Filmmaking at Digital Film Academy.


"I believe editing videos with rhythm and comprehension of timing is key to engaging storytelling and is what makes it shareable."  This belief has contributed to Ron being awarded the opportunity to edit digital videos for media companies like Crypt TV, Blumhouse Productions and Polaroid Cube.  His viral videos have been awarded and licensed by Viacom for commercial usage.  


Ron is passionate about producing his original music, often incorporating it into his highly popular Scatterbrain Melodies and Vibes N Flavors series shared on TikTok and Instagram.  He also enjoys sharing his love of gaming and pop culture with his followers as well as the many comedic adventures he has with his wife and son.

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